Minerals processing

Forty years of experience in the minerals processing industry

Add drops of vitamins to your minerals

Coatex has a huge experience in minerals processing, kaolin, titanium dioxide and talc
Dispersing minerals into water may appear obvious and simple, but the reality is very different.
Every mineral reacts differently depending on its solubility in water and its affinity with polymeric dispersant and most will require a specific polymer customized to the application to ensure maximum performance is achieved.
When the dispersion is finished, the slurry still needs stabilization to be stored and shipped without settling.
Coatex has specifically designed anti-settling agents to prevent the mineral from settling without a substantial viscosity increase.

Minerals suspensions require special attention

An increasing number of industries depend on mineral slurries.
Historically, most minerals were sold in their powder form. New regulations, competitive practices and increasingly technical products have pushed manufacturers to improve the storage and handling of minerals. This evolution of the market has led to the deployment and development of mineral specific slurries technologies.
Our Rheosperse™ product line is developed with your specific needs in mind.

Our technical expertise in slurries processing and grinding

Whatever the mineral you need to grind, disperse or stabilize, our technical experts stand ready to provide customized solutions.