Paints and coatings

Appropriate rheological solutions for sustainable formulations of paints and coatings

Thanks to Coatex's rheological solutions formulations of paints and coatings become sustainable

Our expertise centers around the importance of understanding how dependant the right rheology package is to your paint. 


Coatex offers a robust portfolio of solutions, to improve paint performance across the entire value chain:

  • production
  • storage
  • application behavior
  • final performance
  • economics

Next generation rheology modifier for Zero-VOC Paints Coapur™ 975 W

Coapur™ 975 W is the latest innovation available to the global premium paint market. This product is indeed a breakthrough in thickening for Zero-VOC paint formulations.

Meeting customers' needs

Your needs are as unique as your paint formulations. Our mission is clear: providing the right rheological solution to help you achieve your goals. 
At present, the manufacturing of paints still employs oil-based solvents. However, the use of these solvents is beginning to be restricted by policies aiming to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions.
Coatex designs
to support this trend, while improving key end performance characteristics your customers need.

Another way of finding the best rheological solution for your formulations

Our technical support dedicated to your specificity

Our On-line technical center ligne provides technical solutions to recurrent formulators issues.

Our complete portfolio of additives combined with the cross-technology expertise of the Arkema group within paints and coatings provides access to an unparallel resource group of industry experts.