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The Arkema group’s approach to Corporate Social Responsibility

The Arkema group has established an overall and integrated policy to Corporate Social Responsibility. It is an integral part of its strategy and activities, and is applied by all of the Group’s operational units in the world.

The Arkema group’s policy of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) creates value for both society at large and the Group itself.

It is based on ethics and on the core values of our firm: solidarity, simplicity, performance, responsibility. The Group’s strategy is founded on five commitments:

  • Be a top quartile performer in safety in the chemical industry
  • Reduce the environmental footprint of its activities
  • Place sustainable development solutions as the heart of its innovation policy and its products offering
  • Encourage openness and dialogue with all its stakeholders (local residents, associations, suppliers, customers, etc.)
  • Promote the individual and collective development of the group's men and women.

Responsible Care®

The Arkema group is a member of the Responsible Care® program. This initiative was launched under the auspices of the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) and reflects the proactive commitment of the world’s industrial chemical firms to improve the protection of health and the environment, especially through effective product stewardship.


Common Ground®

Through Common Ground® the Arkema Group is committed to a completely new approach in building relationships between our Company, our facilities and their environment. This initiative entails opening up our plants to the outside world and helping our stakeholders better understand our activities and products.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Arkema group aims to rank among the world’s best performing firms in terms of corporate social responsibility and transparency. This requirement impacts all of its activities.