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Coatex overview

World leading designer and producer of water-based rheology additives, Coatex deploys its expertise on multiple


Key figures

450 employees
5 industrial sites
1 R&D center on each continent

Focused on innovation and high end technologies:
1 product out of 3 has been patented
1 product out of 3 is less than 5 years old

Subsidiary of the Arkema group since 2007

Entirely dedicated to water-based process and formulations with minerals

Water is the number one focus of Coatex:
  • waterborne processes
  • water soluble polymers
  • additives for water-based formulations

Through strong partnerships with major players of mineral industry, Coatex also acquired a unique know-how in mineral processing and therefore downstream mineral applications in water.

Customer intimacy, simplicity and reactivity as competitive edges

Coatex culture is based on simple, effective and working solutions that contribute to the customer's needs.

Coatex has always been focused on creating dynamic and synergistic relationship with customers to help them going beyond limitations.

This intimacy appears also on its organization through technical labs dedicated to customer applications and its focus on regional needs.