Water as original focus

From its very early days, Coatex restores water to its rightful value. Our sustainable and smart solutions address environmental challenges and develop the processes of the future based on water.

water as original focus

Basis of life, water has always been the heart of Coatex Research and Development activities and particularly through:


  • encouraging the use of water as solvent,
  • fostering processes based on water,
  • and also decreasing the quantity of water involved with the objective of energy savings.

Water based solutions for an healthy environment

The evolution of paints and coatings industry towards safe and eco-friendly formulations avoids the use of VOC (Volatil Organic Component) or APEO components and consequently limits some applications properties such as storage stability or its aspect. Working extensively on these aspects, Coatex has designed waterborne additives that allow the storage and application properties to be recovered or exceeded.


Another example in the most advanced technologies concerns the micro-encapsulation of pheromones. The use of solvent-free aerosol sprays of pheromones to protect harvest from insects invasion is an environmentally friendly solution to replace pesticides. The micro encapsulation of pheromones was made possible thanks to the use of Coatex exclusive technology.

Water based process much more efficient

The coating colors applied on paper are waterborne formulations, they are confronted to extreme conditions of speed and temperature and have to retain their rheological properties. This is typical subject for Coatex.


The mineral particles find their added value in a controlled grinding process thanks to a well distributed particle size. The wet grinding is optimised thanks to the grinding agent. Designing dedicated grinding agents is one of Coatex core business.

Water savings = energy savings

Prevent scale formation in boilers during sugar distillation allows the evaporation with a maximum efficiency rate.


The improvement of water reduction at the gypsum wallboard production reduces significantly the energy used at drying thanks to unique Coatex additives.