Building the future together: our technological advance dedicated to your performance

If the world was not changing, we wouldn't need to innovate... but it does change and quickly, customers needs evolve, new technologies and scientific concepts emerge and long term trends reshape our environment

Because, the world, the technologies, the markets move on quickly, Coatex has a versatile organization focused on innovation

To put the pieces together, Coatex innovation teams:


  • deploy a collaborative work and team spirit
  • develop expertise through partnerships with different stakeholders

From local needs to global innovation, a three axes R&D organization


The three R&D axes of Coatex

Around the world, our different labs work in close cooperation to:


  • build the tools: synthesis, polymerization, process and microbiology labs
  • know the application: dedicated applications labs
  • understand local needs: regional labs


Coatex innovation in figures

  • 12 laboratories
  • more than 70 researchers
  • 1 product out of 2 has been patented
  • 1 product out of 2 is less than 5 years old

Actor in the 21st century evolutions

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