Adhesives and Sealants

The choice of the right additives is a critical step in designing water-borne adhesives & sealants. Rheology modifiers and dispersants will enable to fine-tune the body and the structure , the gunnability and ease of application while keeping an excellent slump resistance without impacting ageing, mechnical properties and weatherability.

Coatex offers a robust portfolio of solutions, to improve paint performance across the entire value chain:

  • Production and processing
  • Storage
  • Final application and  performance
  • Costs management








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Focus on Self-Adhesives Solutions

Arkema is an integrated, multi-technology Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSA) provider comprised of several business units worldwide. The Arkema group is uniquely positionned to offer a variety of solutions to the market, from raw materials to ready-to-coat, solventless, high performance adhesives, all designed to meet even the most challenging application requirements.




Our range of thickeners and dispersants will enable you to adjust the viscosity and rheological behaviour of your system while limiting the impact on adhesion and curing properties. 

Latest developments: Rheotech™ 146Coapur™ XS 83.



Coatex offers a full range of thickeners to fine-tune the desired rheological profile and to overcome challenges met by PSA formulators and applicators. From Newtonian to Pseudo-plastic, our comprehensive range of high performance solutions is based on acrylic (ASE & HASE) and polyurethane (HEUR) technologies.

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Coatex thickeners will help to achieve the best rheological behaviour in order to obtain a high body and slump resistance while maintaining excellent ease of application with good gunnability. Our dispersants will enable improving stability and fillers loading with excellent water resistance.

Discover our key products: Rheotech™ M 03, Rheotech™ 146, Rheotech™ 4200, Viscoatex™ 330Coadis™ 173 


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