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Fabric care cleaners

Technologies to make your textile look better through time

The cleaning properties of laundry detergents are enhanced by the use of a dispersant polymer.

Coatex has designed a complete range of these anti redeposition, anti-precipitation agents, scale inhibitor for detergent.

In addition to the surfactants, laundry detergent formulas need other substances such as builders, they bind hardness ions so the surfactant can be fully effective. Our polymers can also play this role.

Coatex dispersants fulfill some properties such as:

  • Anti-precipitation: they disturb the growth of scale crystals and prevent them from adhering on fibers and to reduce greying.
  • Anti-redeposition: they disperse mineral particles for an easy removal by rinsing. In relation with these properties, Coatex's in-depth knowledge enables formulators to find solutions adapted to market trends, with our Rheosolve™ Dispersant range.

Dish care formulations

Coatex offers a wide range of scale inhibitors for high performance dish care formulations.

Filming and spotting are the main challenges faced by the formulators. In response, Coatex has designed a dedicated range of polymers.

These polycarboxylates: 

  • inhibit the growth of crystal scale and
  • avoid its precipitation onto the surfaces such as glasses, dishes, cutlery but also ADW heating elements. Either in domestic usages or in institutional applications.

In relation with these requirements, Coatex' expertise helps formulators to find adapted solutions against anti-scaling and anti-redeposition, Rheosolve™ Dispersant range.

To guarantee the right dosage of liquid cleaners, the use of thickeners is requested.


  • Coatex with its high performing polymers allows to fine-tune formulations texture, Rheosolve™ Thickeners range.
  • For sulfate free hand dish cleaners, Coatex’ thickeners operate as specific agent to custom the rheology of formulations, Rheosolve™ Thickeners range.

Surface care formulations

From hard surface cleaners to general cleaners, Coatex offer rheology modifiers for your detergent formulations.


Depending on the application, the needs of formulators are different:

  • All-purpose cleaners and sprayable formulations: To improve the handling and the look of the formulation, with a good adherence on vertical surfaces and good sprayability, Rheosolve™ T 637,
  • Degreasing agent: Stubborn grease deposits require very alkaline formulations with a good adherence to vertical surfaces such as oven and grill cleaning, Rheosolve™ T 633,
  • Scrubbing or cream cleaners: In order to suspend a large range of mineral particles, a thickener with a high suspending ability is needed, Rheosolve™ T 633,
  • Descaling formulations: The main components of descaling formulations are acids such as citric, sulfamic, lactic. To thicken these formulations, Rheosolve™ T 450,
  • Drain cleaners: For a better usage of the product, caustic soda could be thickened, Rheosolve™ T 633,
  • Enzyme based ADW liquids: Liquid thickener used for high concentration surfactant formulations, Rheosolve™ T 650.