Boost the power of your cleaning formulations

Texture of formulations, inhibition and sequestration of scale, the additives to move forward with the formulation of household, industrial and institutional (HI&I) detergents

Add drops of vitamins to your HI&I formulations

Whether it’s laundry, dishwashing or other surfaces cleaning, Coatex supports you throughout the adjustment of consistency and anti-scaling efficiency of your formulations.

Thanks to
  • a wide knowledge of formulation across different markets
  • a deep understanding in the dispersion of minerals
  • an expertise in the rheology of water based systems
    Coatex has specifically designed, Rheosolve™, a dedicated range of additives, dispersants and thickeners for a broad variety of HI&I formulations.
As part of the Arkema group, COATEX has a direct access to key raw materials and especially acrylic monomers, this enable us to ensure an excellent safety of supply. arkema

An international presence

Our different locations, production sites, sales offices and R&D centers, ensure a great proximity to our customers.
This enables a real intimacy with our different partners from project to delivery.

Innovation as key driver

From local needs to global innovation, Coatex R&D is fully dedicated to enhance final performances and our searchers are able to design original polymers with in-house macromonomers. Numerous patents protect our innovations and our Rheosolve™ range contributes to the granting of Ecolabels.

water as original focus

Technical partnership

Our regional technical centers works in close relationship with the R&D labs, assist our customers in their formulations and provide customized solutions.