Solutions for fabric care cleaners

Technologies to make your textile look better through time

Cleaning performances

the best solutions for fabric care cleaners

The cleaning properties of laundry detergents are enhanced by the use of a dispersant polymer.
Coatex has designed a complete range of these anti redeposition, anti-precipitation agents.

In addition to the surfactants, laundry detergent formulas need other substances such as builders, they bind hardness ions so the surfactant can be fully effective. Our polymers can also play this role.

Coatex dispersants fulfill some properties such as:

  • Anti-precipitation: they disturb the growth of scale crystals and prevent them from adhering on fibers and to reduce greying.
  • Anti-redeposition: they disperse mineral particles for an easy removal by rinsing. In relation with these properties, Coatex's in-depth knowledge enables formulators to find solutions adapted to market trends, with our Rheosolve™ Dispersant range.