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Rheosolve™: Home care - Coatex

Formulations for use on vertical surfaces, suspension of particles and compatibility with alkaline or acidic components are just so many challenges formulators have to face. The Rheosolve™ T range adapt the rheological behavior to the needs of the formulation.
Application in surface cleaners, scrubbing creams, oven/grill cleaners, drain cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners.

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Rheosolve™ T 450

Rheosolve™ T 450 is compatible with many acids such as citric, phosphoric, formic, lactic and also with hydrogen peroxyde formulations. It is efficient on a large range of pH and in formulation with a large array of products without the use of co-formulation additives. Use in abrasives pastes, scrubbing creams, all-purpose cleaners (hard surfaces, oven, grill cleaners, acid formulations), ideal for toilet cleaners and production of self wetting formulas without surfactant addition. Easy to handle liquid.

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  • Consumer goods
    • Detergency


  • Cleaners formulations
  • Dishwashing formulations
  • Laundry formulations