The specialist for surface care formulations

From hard surface cleaners to general cleaners, Coatex offer efficient solutions for your formulations

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the specialist for surface care formulations

Depending on the application, the needs of formulators are different:

  • All-purpose cleaners and sprayable formulations
    To improve the handling and the look of the formulation, with a good adherence on vertical surfaces and good sprayability, Rheosolve™ T 635, Rheosolve™ T 637
  •  Degreasing agent

Stubborn grease deposits require very alkaline formulations with a good adherence to vertical surfaces such as oven and grill cleaning, Rheosolve™ T 633

  • Scrubbing or cream cleaners
    In order to suspend a large range of mineral particles, a thickener with a high suspending ability is needed, Rheosolve™ T 633
  • Descaling formulations
    The main components of descaling formulations are acids such as citric, sulfamic, lactic. To thicken these formulations, Rheosolve™ T 450.
  • Drain cleaners
    For a better usage of the product, caustic soda could be thickened, Rheosolve™ T 633.
  • Enzyme based ADW liquids
    Liquid thickener used for high concentration surfactant formulations, Rheosolve™ T 650