Mineral processing & mining

For half a century, Coatex has been working and acquiring knowledge of water-mineral behaviors and interfaces in different applications.
This has led to the design of rheology modifiers, Rheosperse™, adapted to the aqueous dispersion, the wet grinding and the suspension of different minerals and ores in water.

Dispersing minerals particles into water

Dispersed into water, minerals are easier to handle, pump, grind and transport. To do so, it is necessary to deflocculate the mineral particles in the smallest possible amount of water while having a stable slurry at low viscosity.
More details on our product pages Rheosperse™

Wet grinding

Wet grinding is a commonly used grinding process in the industrial world because of its high efficiency and its weak energy consumption.

The use of a grinding agent allows:

  • to increase the production yield,
  • to control the particle size distribution.


More details on our product pages Rheosperse™

Suspension of minerals in water

Mineral suspensions must be stored and transported by truck or pipeline.


To control viscosity, prevent sedimentation over a wide range of particle sizes, Coatex offers anti-sedimentation additives, Rheosperse™ S serie.


They are used to stabilize suspensions of carbonates, phosphates, copper sulfate, lime and other water insoluble minerals and micro nutrients.

Focus on... insoluble micro nutrients

To facilitate their use, liquid suspensions of micro nutrients require stability and low viscosity, Rheosperse™ grinding aids, dispersing agents and anti-settling additives are typically focused on the control of these key properties.

Micro nutrients

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Opale™ customized solutions for mining activities

Open sky mine

Every ore, mineral or mineral blends reacts differently depending on its composition, its solubility in water and the affinities within the components.


Therefore, most stages of the mining industry, grinding, hydrotransportation or tailings management require different solutions:


  • to improve energy and water savings with higher solids content,
  • To get a get a better productivity and possible debottlenecking.


Coatex experts carefully study each case and offer under the brand name Opale™ customized rheology additives.