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Discover a whole choice of acrylic thickeners for rheology optimisation

Architectural paints

Coatex constantly develops water based paint thickeners and dispersants to meet specific requirements and anticipate future needs such as:​

  • Sustainability (Regulatory constraints and evolution)​
  • Product performance (ease of application, film properties, stability,…)

Latest developments

Industrial coatings

Challenges in industrial coatings are more and more important. Coatex develops tailor-made solutions, thickeners and dispersants, to facilitate the transition from solvent-borne to water-based systems to maintain good flow properties with sag resistance without impacting film properties and stability.

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Our portfolio comprises

  • dispersants for waterborne inks to improve pigment compatibility and dispersion
  • as well as water based thickeners to provide the right rheology profile for every mean of application

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