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A wide variety of polymers for water treatment

Add drops of vitamins to your water treatment system

Coatex dispersing and anti-scaling agents and polymers for water treatment
Water treatment specialists face precipitation or scale formation that varies greatly from one location to the other.
Water coming from surface, well pipe or public lines will contain a wide variety of minerals that have to be dealt with.
In addition, local laws set limits on wastewater that can influence the type of treatment used.

Respecting a valuable natural resource, for generations ahead

Access to clean water is one of the major challenges of the 21st century.
Water treatment is a potential high growth market for industrial, agricultural and domestic water usage.
Whether your water treatment needs are unique or common, Coatex has a solution within its TH product line for use at different stages of the treatment cycle, and that provide sustainable, cost-effective treatment options for generations to come.
  • low molecular weight Mw polymers used as anti-scaling additives for high temperature conditions such as water desalination, sugar production, high skin temperature heat exchangers and boilers
  • medium molecular weight Mw polymers for medium to high temperature conditions like cooling circuits where anti-scaling and dispersion properties are required. They are also used in boilers as dispersing agents for sludge and in reverse osmosis
  • high molecular weight Mw polymers for cases where only dispersion is required whether it be for alkaline earth carbonates, calcium phosphate or phosphonate, iron oxides or hydroxides and any mineral other that can find its way into the cooling stream

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