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Our solutions for scale control

Acrylic homopolymer

Cost efficient general-purpose scale control additives, CorinTH™ water soluble polyacrylic acid polymers are available in various molecular weight: they are particular suitable for the inhibition and dispersion of carbonate, sulfate and oxalate calcium scales. Available in neutral or acidic version, to adapt to the type of formulation. 

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Sulfonated copolymers

High performing phosphate and sulfate scale control additives, CorinTH™ sulfonated homopolymers are also suitable to prevent the scale commonly found in Oil and Gas operations. They also perform effectively as silt and iron oxide dispersant and as zinc stabilizer.

Have a look at our key additives for water treatment

Specialties copolymers

CorinTH™ specialties polymers are special scale control additives selectively designed for high salinity water, very acidic formulation and for Reverse Osmosis systems for industrial water purification.