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At the World Efficiency Show, an event related to COP 21, Mrs Ségolène ROYAL, french Minister for Ecology and Sustainable Development awarded M2i Life Sciences for an innovative bio control solution against the pine processionary caterpillar. This solution is directly derived from the cooperation agreement reached with Coatex in January 2014. The aim is to apply through Paintball encapsulated pheromones on infested pine forests.

Coatex, worldwide leader in high performance additives, and the M2i Life Sciences group entered early 2014 in a partnership agreement. This partnership covers the use of a Coatex micro-encapsulation process by the M2i Life Sciences company for the controlled and sustainable spread of pheromones.

In the case of the pine processionary caterpillar, the innovation concerns:

  • the use of species-specific sex pheromones in the context of a control method with mating disruption and without any use of traps,
  • their encapsulation which allows to improve and extend to 120 days their diffusion, the release covers then all the pest life-cycle,
  • the high-rise drop-off through paintball, more cost effective and efficient.


The pesticide-free control of species harmful for our forests and our health (highly stinging species) is therefore possible and can now be apply to any kinds of arboriculture.

It’s a great example of what can be achieved with the “cocoon technology™” (link to leaflet), encapsulation process developed and patented by Coatex.



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