MECS 2020: Coatex showcases its latest rheological solutions

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Coatex, a world leader specialized in rheology, reveals its rheological additives for water-based formulations and processes. The Middle East Coatings Show is the largest coatings event in the Middle East and Gulf Region. This upcoming event gives Coatex the ideal opportunity to highlight its thickeners and dispersing additives during MECS 2020 in Dubai, March 9th-11th 2020, Omya booth #G01.

The design of new rheology additives is driven by the growing trends and requirements expressed by our customers and partners in the automotive, industrial, furniture, flooring and architectural coatings as well as adhesives & sealants.


This anticipation of market needs led Coatex to develop new solutions that will be highlighted during MECS, including:


Industrial & architectural coatings formulations

The hydrophobic and color development properties enhanced by Coadis™ products and the unique and well adapted rheological profiles provided by our specialty additives, Rheotech™ and Coapur™, will guarantee ideal compromise between cost, performance and stability.

Adhesives and sealants

Coapur™Viscoatex™ and Rheotech™ thickeners will enable to fine-tune the body, structure and flow properties for optimized adequate application properties.
Ecodis™ dispersing agents bring the lowest viscosity.
Come and visit us at Omya booth #G01 to find out more about our solutions.


Fabienne DROUEL
Marketing Communication Manager - Coatex Group