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Dispersing agent
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Product overview
The dispersions of fillers or extenders, particularly iron oxide, very fine calcium carbonates and clays in water based systems must be achieved easily with common stirrers without forming agglomerates or causing a viscosity build up. Usual inorganic dispersants such as phosphate based dispersants are not able to solve this problem satisfactorily: their deflocculating effectiveness is limited by the fineness of the extenders used and their poor temperature stability (degradation through hydrolysis) affects the long term stability. Rhealis™ 2449 has been especially developed to overcome these problems. It ensures the complete dispersion of extenders and inorganic pigments at high solids contents in systems showing medium to high PVC (Pigment Volume Concentration).
Geographic availability
pH 7.5
Solid content % 42
Functionality Dispersant
Foam control additives No