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Powder PolyCarboxylate ether for concrete admixtures
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Product overview
Thanks to its fluid powder form,Ethacryl™ D 20 is a superplasticizer for dry mortar applications. This high-performance dispersant is based on Coatex Ethacryl™ polycarboxylate polymer technology. Ethacryl™ D 20 is a key component for cementitious construction materials.
Geographic availability
  • Asia Pacific
  • Africa
  • Europe
  • Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Middle East
  • Oceania
pH 7 at 10% solution
Consistency Free flowing powder
Water content % <5
Bulk density 300-650
Foam control additives Yes
Workability (/5)
Early strength (/5)
Slump retention (/5)
Water reduction (/5)