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PolyCarboxylate ether for concrete admixtures
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Product overview
Ethacryl™ SR is a high-performance easy to formulate superplasticizer for formulating concrete admixtures. Use alone, at low dosage, this additive allows a strong water reduction (>25%) but also drastically increases the slump retention over the time without any segregation. Ethacryl™ SR allows an increase of the productivity, cost reduction and confers good pumpability to concrete.
Geographic availability
pH 3.9
Chloride content % < 0.01
Solid content % 40
Chloride content % < 0.01
Alkali content < 1.5
Foam control additives No
Workability (/5)
Early strength (/5)
Slump retention (/5)
Water reduction (/5)