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Dispersing agent for titanium dioxide
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Product overview
Designed for stability and compatibility, Rheosperse™ 144 A is an ideal choice for rutile titanium dioxide slurry producers. A robust solution designed with the specific behavior of TiO2 slurries in mind, it can be used to produce stable slurries on a wide variety of titanium dioxide coming from chloride or sulphate manufacturing processes and different surface treatments. Rheosperse™ 144 A also provides synergistic effects and proven compatibilities with paint formulations dispersed with similar hydrophilic copolymer technology. It provides stable slurries and therefore contibutes to reduce costs, supply chain confidence and improved flexibility of coating formulators.
Geographic availability
pH 7.1
Brookfield viscosity (mPa.s) 115
Specific gravity 20° 1.18
Solid content (%) 44
Granulometry Fine
Downstream market Coatings
Food contact possibility No