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Rheology modifier for paper coating
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Product overview
Rheocoat™ 35 BR is a synthetic rheology modifier allowing a better control of the coating process and an improved paper quality. Rheocoat™ 35 BR is a ready to use acidic emulsion of acrylic copolymer. Its composition and structure are designed to set the viscosities at low and high shear rates that conduct the coating colours behaviour and blade loading during coating operations. A fine tune of water retention helps preventing from bleeding or misting while improving solids stability and coating holdout.
Geographic availability
  • Latin America and the Caribbean
Specific gravity 20° 1.07
Solid content (%) 30
pH 4
Brookfield viscosity (mPa.s) 150
Water retention
Contribution to brookfield viscosity
Precoat Yes
Contribution to high shear viscosity