A range of rheological additives specifically designed for the ceramics industry

Add drops of vitamins to your ceramics

Coatex rheological additives for ceramics industry
For centuries, ceramic materials were used exclusively for tableware and building materials.
In the mid-19th century, technical development in refractories and abrasives enabled the development of modern metallurgy and glass industries and became the first industrial application for ceramics.
With the advent of porcelain insulators in the first part of the 20th century, the industry branched out into the new domain of technical ceramics.
Ceramics, with their unique properties and diverse applications, hold the potential to revolutionize many industries, including automotive and semiconductors. Coatex can assist in ensuring your specific ceramic market aspirations reach their full potential.

Our wide knowledge of minerals applied to the ceramics market

The ceramics application can be compared to the generic minerals application.
Our knowledge in this field has led us to design a range of products specific to the ceramics industry.
Our water-soluble polymers provide both a high dispersing power for clays, especially in plate or sanitary production and outstanding grinding efficiency for slurries, especially for tiles.
The Terrablend product range covers the following categories:
  • dispersing agents for glazes and thickeners for glazes
  • temporary binders
  • grinding agents for clay

Our technical support

Our technical assistance is available to answer your specific requirements to achieve the best performance.