Superplasticizers additives for construction

The construction industry must fulfill the difficult equation of mechanical performances and efficiency in usage together with energy savings at competitive costs.

Add drops of vitamins to your concrete and gypsum

Coatex specialized in rheology additives offers to construction market superplasticizers for concrete, cement, gypsum, mortar admixtures and mix design

The future of construction industry is closely connected to the growth of both mature and developing countries.

This future involves:
  • Concrete or gypsum materials with higher mechanical performances at competitive costs
  • Reducing cement and water or energy consumption (cement production generates 10% of the CO2 annually released)

Let's build the future together

A unique knowledge of the physico-chemical interactions mineral-water and many polymer technologies has allowed Coatex to develop a unique toolbox of rheology additives.
The Ethacryl™ range, based on polycarboxylate ether technology aims to help concrete admixtures companies develop their next generation superplasticizers.
Coatex offers also a toolbox of additives dedicated to admixture formulation under Rhealis™ brand name.

A global technical support dedicated to construction

Coatex has invested in an application lab dedicated to the construction market equipped with state of the art formulation and testing facility.
This global R&D structure works in close relationship with our regional technical assistance labs across all continents locally:
  • to develop technical partnerships with concrete and gypsum admixture producers
  • to design new solutions for this market
The regional technical centers provide solutions adapted to local admixtures manufacturers according to their natural resources.