Personal care: create unique textures and sensorialities in all types of cosmetics with Rheostyl™ ranges

Cosmetics and personal care world is one of the most diverse and fastest moving sector. Coatex, driven by its innovation DNA offers a global range, Rheostyl™, of rheology modifiers and polymeric emulsifiers to give formulators free rein to their imagination.

Sustainability always in mind

Sustainability and environment being in the core of the strategy since the origin, all Rheostyl™ and Rheostyl™ E polymers are manufactured exclusively in water with an eco-friendly chemistry.


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Coatex benefits of Arkema group policy with a performance and progress in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainable Development recognized by several extra-financial rating agencies.

Rheostyl™ rheology modifiers for next generation cleansing formula

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Today’s body and facial wash as well as shampoo provides must go beyond cleansing, they must be visually attractive with transparency, color, particles or glitters and provides beauty benefits to skin and hair.


Rheostyl line has been designed to address this world of sophisticated formulations thank to the combination of 3 key properties: clarity, texture and suspension of particles and oils.

Rheostyl 85 L: focus on clarity at low pH

Rheostyl™ 85 L is a rheology modifier dedicated to formulate crystal clear products with suspended beads & smooth flow at low pH (3 to 6). Rheostyl™ 85 L:

  • is compatible with all type of surfactants, standard or sulphate-free,
  • is globally approved and very easy to formulate with a single-step neutralization process allowing a reduction of the manufacturing time & cost,
  • is recommended for body wash with natural preservatives, facial cleansers with salicylic, feminine hygiene & shampoos.


Rheostyl 90 N: a unique rheological signature for surprising textures

Rheostyl™ 90 N combines a very high thickening efficiency with unique crystal clear appearance. Rheostyl™ 90 N has unique rheological signature with shape memory properties. It is recommended to develop innovative and surprising textures.

Rheostyl 100: versatility all along the pH range with superior suspension power

Rheostyl™ 100  is a rheology modifier highly efficient to thicken and suspend particles in cleansing products all over the pH range (3 to 12). It is compatible with all type of surfactant and soap-based formulas. Rheostyl™ 100 provides elegant texture with smooth flow and high clarity from neutral pH to alkaline pH. Rheostyl™ 100 is a low viscosity aqueous liquid emulsion easily incorporated in any type of formulations.

Rheostyl™ rheology modifiers for skin care, sun care and color cosmetics

Rheostyl™ UP is a highly efficient suspending agent to stabilize oil in water emulsions and suspend pigments in fluid formulations. It is a ready to use rheology modifier in liquid form helping to increase production rate and promote energy saving with cold process. It can tolerate high dosage of alcohol to formulate hydro-alcoholic gels for hand sanitizing.

Rheostyl™ UP is an efficient thickener in liquid form simplifying the manufacturing of hydroalcoholic gels. It provides optimal gel clarity and rheology control to facilitate application and avoid dripping. Few minutes are enough to formulate an hydroalcoholic gel with Rheostyl™ UP leading to a substantial output increase at the industrial scale.

Rheostyl™ E polymeric emulsifier, creating emulsions become a piece of cake!

Inspired by the growing trend of “clean beauty” & minimalist formulations, Rheostyl™ E is a new line of polymeric emulsifiers combining the benefits of traditional emulsifiers & polymers:

  • Powerful emulsification, smooth texture & unique sensorial
  • Flexibility of formulation, easy process and water resistance

Rheostyl™ E are liquid polymers that can be processed in cold conditions at low shear rate with a standard blade. All kind of oils can be emulsified with no limit in oil loading. A wide palette of textures & sensorial can be created with Rheostyl™ E-Light and Rheostyl™ E-Cream.


Rheostyl™ E-Light

Bottle of sprayable skin care


Rheostyl™ E-Light is a multifunctional polymeric emulsifier dedicated to formulate thin and sprayable emulsions with a light and fresh feel. The polymeric nature of Rheostyl™ E-light allows to develop ‘emulsifier-free’ formulations recommended.

Rheostyl™ E-Cream

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Rheostyl™ E-Cream is a multifunctional polymeric emulsifier dedicated to formulate fluid to thick emulsions that can be sprayable. Thanks to its excellent resistance to electrolytes it create formulations with a rich and cushion sensorial.

The polymeric nature of Rheostyl™ E-Cream allows to develop ‘emulsifier-free’ formulations recommended for sensitive skin and provides a very good water resistance to the formulations with a comfortable afterfeel.

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