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Sustainability always in mind

Sustainability and environment being in the core of the strategy since the origin, all Rheostyl™ and Rheostyl™ E polymers are manufactured exclusively in water with an eco-friendly chemistry.

Coatex benefits of Arkema group policy with a performance and progress in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainable Development recognized by several extra-financial rating agencies.

Cleanser, body wash, shampoo

Focus on clarity at low pH

Rheostyl™ 85 L is a rheology modifier dedicated to formulate crystal clear products with suspended beads & smooth flow at low pH (3 to 6).

Rheostyl™ 85 L:

  • is compatible with all type of surfactants, standard or sulphate-free,
  • is globally approved and very easy to formulate with a single-step neutralization process allowing a reduction of the manufacturing time & cost,
  • is recommended for body wash with natural preservatives, facial cleansers with salicylic acid and shampoos.

RHEOSTYL™ Savon is a rheology modifier dedicated to thicken and stabilize mild soap based pasty washes with low dosage of fatty acid and neutralizer. It provides a smooth and pasty texture easy to spread on the skin. 

RHEOSTYL™ Savon is a liquid polymer allowing fast and easy process.

Versatility all along the pH range with superior suspension power

Rheostyl™ 100  is a rheology modifier highly efficient to thicken and suspend particles in cleansing products all over the pH range (3 to 12). It is compatible with all type of surfactant and soap-based formulas. Rheostyl™ 100 provides elegant texture with smooth flow and high clarity from neutral pH to alkaline pH. Rheostyl™ 100 is a low viscosity aqueous liquid emulsion easily incorporated in any type of formulations.

Skin care, sun care, color cosmetics

Rheostyl™ E multifunctional polymeric emulsifiers

Inspired by the growing trend of “clean beauty” & minimalist formulations, Rheostyl™ E is a new line of multifunctional polymeric emulsifiers.

Rheostyl™ E polymers will simplify your formulation and provide with one INCI name 6 functionalities:

  • EMULSIFICATION without the need of co-emulsifiers,
  • TEXTURE from mist to bouncy cream,
  • SUSPENSION of oil & mineral UV filters,
  • DISPERSION: Outstanding compatibility with mineral UV filters,
  • SPREADING: Even coverage of the skin thanks to fine dispersion of UV filters,
  • WATER RESISTANCE combined with nude skin afterfeel.

Rheostyl™ E-Light

Rheostyl™ E-Light is a multifunctional polymeric emulsifier dedicated to formulate thin and sprayable emulsions with a light and fresh feel. It is the best in class for waterproof formulas such as sun care products..

Rheostyl™ E-Cream

Rheostyl™ E-Cream is a multifunctionnal polymeric emulsifier dedicated to formulation creamy & bouncy emulsions with a cushion feel. It offers an excellent resistance to electrolytes.