Paper & Board market

Understanding and controlling rheology and viscosity can lead to significant cost savings and quality enhancements in paper and board coating and deinking process.

paper & board
With this in mind, Coatex proposes solutions: 


And our latest developments for Paper & Board industries:


  • a new generation of bio based dispersants Spersio™
  • a patented technology to increase deinking yield in flotation process Dipflo™

Coated board

Brightness surface printability print quality food contact


Thanks to their recyclability, the need for cardboard packaging increases every year. For reasons of raw material savings, energy consumption and transport costs, the board must be lighter and lighter without compromising on functional or visual properties.


Have a look at our key products for board coating:

Rheocoat™ 27 and Rheocarb™ 121

Bio based dispersants

Coatex has developed a more eco friendly bio technology to reduce carbon foot print, Spersio™.


In addition to being partially bio-sourced, these dispersants offer multiple advantages. 



Let's discover a new generation of bio based dispersants

Dipflo™ technology


During deinking flotation process, Dipflo™ acts on the deflocculation of fines and the hydrophilization of fibers.


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