Innovative solutions for paper and board coating

Because the coating process is technically and economically highly demanding in coating color rheology control Coatex focuses on providing solutions to control and optimize the coating process and for ensuring the stability of mineral slurries.

Add drops of vitamins to your paper and board

Coatex provides rheological solutions to control coating process alternativ to cellulosics runnability improvement
The production process of coated paper and coated board for magazines or packaging requires the fine tuning of the coating process conducted at high rates of speed on extremely large paper machines.
Film-press, size-press, with or without co-binder, Coatex provides expertise on the right rheology additives needed to optimize your specific process:
  • achieve better gloss and printability
  • increase runnability
  • reduce costs
  • reduce energy consumption
  • increase production rates
Rheocoat™ is a range of alkali swellable rheology modifiers (ASE & HASE)

A thickener for outstanding water retention

Rheocoat™ 27 is the ideal thickener and water retention additive for:


  • board coating where the demand for water retention is very high
  • precoats with coarse pigments
  • quick thickening fitting with all coating kitchens

Mastering paper and board coating techniques

To improve the coating of paper and cardboard, Coatex applies the latest breakthroughs in the synthesis of hydrosoluble polymers.

The Coatex product range is based on our unique know-how in the viscosity (rheology) of coating colors applied to the surface of paper and board substrates.


Depending on targeted properties, our offer includes different ranges of products:

Our technical experts in rheology and paper and board coating close to you

To continue to offer you the best in-class products and customer focused technical support, we have a team of experts in rheology and paper and board coating.